As a result of the ridiculous recent EU/USA arrangements dealing with the anti-russian "sanctions", 
the licensing scheme in this site changed as follows:
1) the free stuff is now available worldwide for free.
2) the shareware stuff is now available for free upon a request for all RU domain residents :-) 
   The rest of the world will be charged as usual.
  Database version upgrader (Paradox)
  Px3p - improve your Paradox database security
If you already are our registered user, you can download the latest version of your product
If you find some of our shareware products useful, you can order registered version right now
Free source  
  Pdxrbld - utility for checking and repairing Paradox tables
  Paradox password finder
  Random number generators tester
  TRKSGridClibrd component
  TRKSIniFile class


Free source

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This page was last updated December 14 2012